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Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle HelmetsMotorcycle helmets are popularly known to protect the head during high speed collisions or from falling objects. DOT motorcycle helmets are the most popular in because they have an added one inch protective coating like foam to absorb the shock or impact. DOT helmets have exclusive features including a chin strap, rigid outer shell, crushable liner and comfortable fit padding.

The outer shell has been especially designed for additional "load spreading" capabilities and prevents objects from penetrating the helmet. The crushable liners are made up of EPS or expanded polystyrene to absorb the impact in case of crushing. The excellent chin strap if buckled properly and is properly adjusted with the helmet's fit padding can help retain the helmet’s position during a crash. Helmets that are DOT certified made of carbon fiber offer excellent comfort to the rider as well as an excellent view.

We at Blaze Leather we offer various types of DOT motorcycle helmets that offer both high in quality and style. DOT Compliant vented and unvented motorcycle half helmets available at our store come in a glassy black or matte black colour with a low profile style, dual outer shell design, and a soft & comfortable interior. So choose one today and enjoy a safe drive.

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