Our Commitment

Blaze Leather is committed to excellence in service, product quality, and the reliability of our statements. Our goal is to provide a reliable motorcycle riding gear and apparel shopping solution that will save time and an have reasonable prices. We do not have any surcharges or believe in adding hidden surcharges into the product prices to offer "Free Shipping". We believe that a hidden cost is unfair. Everyone should be entitled to be informed of what they are paying for as a consumer. Our value is based upon the the quality of our products and the reliability or our services to you.

Who We Are

Blaze Leather is incorporated in the state of West Virginia. We are a small family owned business where we choose to offer our products and unmatched service where you can shop from the convenience of your home, office or our local retail outlet. Our products are quality, brand names and we stand behind their authenticity. If you are wanting knock offs or generic quality products that do not last, then we can not help. We can save you from 20-40% off the brand name products that you love for yourself or even as a great gift to capture that once in a lifetime smile. All products are still under the manufacturer warranties and we stand beside them.

Our trust and reliability is hard to match.We are a "Live" business and our phones and email are always open to your questions, inquiries, and/or complaints. We love to hear the great stories where we have helped in your satisfaction. Please feel free to call us at anytime during our normal business hours as we like to respond effectively toward all replies to improve our service.

How We Started

Blaze Leathers was founded by John Miller who was affected by the 2007 recession who was a Financial Officer for a large manufacturing company which closed its doors to the US. He spent the next year seeking employment, to no avail, lost everything: his home, life-long savings, and IRA's. He moved to Elkins, West Virginia in 2007 on a blind leap of faith to start Blaze Leather after success at Rallies and Events.

Mr. Miller started the business in a small garage and the side the road. Approximately 6 months later, he successfully launched Blaze-Leather.com. In 2009, the first small retail store opened and in 2011, they moved to over 4,000 sq ft of retail space. Since inception both, Blaze Leather and blazeleather.com both have attained a high level of success with their customer service in helping consumers find what they are seeking within their budget from knowledgeable sales staff who not only knows the product, but also uses them.

He brings over 15 years manufacturing experience, as well as, the know-how to attain customer satisfaction, security, and affordable prices to customers in the West Virginia regional area; and those nationwide.

A Helping Hand

Blaze Leather vision is to support others in ways reasonably possible. We support any potential or existing customer, suppliers and our community. We are actively seeking to improve and any suggestions you may have will always be considered in our goals. We believe that if more people are willing to help each other, the world would be a much better place.

How We Do It

Blaze Leather is a Authorized Reseller of the products offer, we "Do Not Offer" knock-Offs or imitations, Everything you'll find are Authentic Products from the Brand Names you trust. You'll find great deals coming right to your door step. We buy in bulk to pass the savings on to you. There are no minimum orders, no hidden fees in the shipping costs,and no membership charges. For Large or Resell Orders, contact us directly so we can set custom pricing levels that will be fixed into your account.


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